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Cerdan Stories is an optimistic show featuring talented novelists, poets, screenwriters, and journalists from around the world who have been forced to restart their lives. What is it like to start over in a place where you may or may not know people, where you may or may not speak the language? How do you work in this new context? What helps? And what doesn’t? 

Cerdan Stories tells the stories our guests want to tell, often circling around ideas of home and identity, what is lost and what is gained.

Current Episode

Cynthia Dewi Oka, Poet

From Bali, Indonesia, lives in California, USA

A note from Rona: I am thrilled to have Cynthia on our first episode of Cerdan Stories. Exiled from Indonesia with her family as a 10 year old, Cynthia lived the rest of her childhood in Vancouver and then moved to Philadelphia, where she worked for me at a university for a fabulous few years. I have been thinking about her for this program for a long time – for her fierce intelligence, her tough take-no-prisoners moral fiber, and the ways that she integrates all of it into a person who is loving, exquisitely sensitive, and just ridiculously talented. Read more about Cynthia here

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