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Hosted and produced by Rona Buchalter, Cerdan Stories opens a window to writers in exile, giving this normally overlooked population half an hour to tell a story that they want us all to know. What can we learn from people who have fought so hard to preserve their ability to express themselves with words? 


There is a world of organizations working to protect and advance writers and artists at risk, and to support those who help them. Cerdan Stories is immensely grateful for their work, especially that of the Artists at Risk Connection. ARC aims to safeguard the right to artistic freedom of expression, organizing networks of emergency residency programs, lawyers, and social service providers for artists in jeopardy. 


If you know someone who you think should be a guest on Cerdan Stories, or if you think YOU should be a guest, email me. Please include a bit about the writer, links to their work or other significant websites, along with contact information.  


Rona has a rich prior career in global education and in refugee resettlement, as well as a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Cerdan Stories is a program of Cerdan Art + Nature, a new home in the French Pyrenees for regenerative agriculture and a residency for exiled writers, slated for Spring 2024.



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